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Series 2 - Kitchens

Welcome to All Things Renovation! A podcast designed to help you take a confident role in your next renovation project. Check out our latest episodes below.


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In Episode 1, Brandy introduces her new podcast series about kitchen renovations. Kitchens require good planning and have an overwhelming number of decisions to make but in this new series, we will break those down into bite sized segments. But before you can make any choices, you need to take the time to think about how you live in your current space and dream about what you want your kitchen to feel like. 
In Episode 2, Brandy explains that kitchen renovations are very complex, as there are so many scope items to consider at the macro level. But before you do that, you need to create your vision. Many people don't know where to start figuring out what they want or how to find inspiration, so this episode lays out the steps to take to guide you through that process. 
In Episode 3, Brandy explains how to take stock of your space to define the area you have to play with and what questions you need to answer about your space before you can redesign it. Then she takes you through measuring it, creating a layout model using simple grid paper, and how to locate your appliances in such a way that you get maximum functionality out of your new kitchen.
Kitchen layout on grid paper
Kitchen layout on grid paper
Examples of kitchen layouts drawn on grid paper
In Episode 4, Brandy and Paul explain the differences between the types of cabinetry that are available, all the ways that doors and hardware can be attached, as well as some of the fun details that past clients have requested in their dream kitchens. 
Frameless vs Full-Overlay vs Half-Overlay vs Inset cabinet doors
Comparison of the 4 main types of cabinetry doors
Frame-less vs Face Frame cabinet doors
LeMans pullout - top.jpg
LeMans pullout - bottom.jpg
LeMans Pullout - top shelf
LeMans Pullout - bottom shelf
Shaker cabinets have a recessed centre panel
In Episode 5, Brandy takes the listener through the advantages and disadvantages of the four main types of countertop material: plastic laminate, solid surface, stone (natural and manufactured), and wood. Other options, which were at one time or another popular, include concrete, tile, glass, and metal.
Example of waterfall countertop.jpg
Leathered Granite Countertop
Example of a waterfall countertop
Leathered Granite Countertop

In Episode 6, Brandy takes the fear out of choosing your backsplash! How do you choose the material, colour and pattern that is best for your dream kitchen?! Brandy has advice on what to consider for each aspect, as well as a few items that you may not have thought about. 
backsplash tile layouts
Some of the many ways you can lay
out your backsplash tile pattern
In Episode 7, we talk about flooring. We ask A LOT of our kitchen floors, from spills and drips to pets and dropped utensils. So we need to consider both durability AND style when choosing a new type of flooring. Brandy discusses the pros and cons of 5 different options: hardwood (including engineered hardwood), tile, linoleum and marmoleum, luxury vinyl tile (LVT), and cork. Also, is it better to install your floor and then your cabinetry, or vice versa?
Cork tiles in a grid
Examples of cork floor tiles in a grid
and in a zigzag pattern
cork floor with zigzag pattern
In Episode 8, Brandy explains how layering and controlling the light sources in your kitchen allows you to achieve the quality and quantity of light you need at any time of day or for any task that you are performing. But how exactly is that accomplished? And when it comes to all the new LED bulb options, what is the difference between Lumens, Kelvins, and Watts? 
Red gramophone lights over Brandy's dini
Red gramophone lights over Brandy's
dining room table
non-recessed under cabinet pot
gimbal pot light
types of kitchen light fixtures
The different types of kitchen light fixtures:
1. Recessed pot lights in the ceiling
2. Under-cabinet lighting (pot lights or LED strips)
3. Pendant lights
Gimbal pot light that can be angled to highlight a particular spot
Non-recessed under cabinet pot lights
In Episode 9, Brandy discusses appliances. They’re a big element of a kitchen renovation and one that many people agonize over. She often recommend that clients choose appliances early on in the process as they anchor the cabinetry layout and these days there are so many options that it can take a bit of time to figure out what makes and models you prefer.
So far, Brandy has discussed everything EXCEPT the kitchen sink! In Episode 10, she finally talks about the sink, which is one of the hardest working and most used elements of your kitchen so you want to make sure that you make the right choice. You will need to consider the style, the number of bowls that you want/need, the depth and shape of the bowls, and the finish. When choosing your faucet, there are both interior and exterior considerations as well. 
undermount vs topmount sink.png
This is the last episode in our kitchen series. In Episode 11, Brandy covers what to expect with the typical flow of the design and then the construction process. There are different levels of service depending on the full scale and scope of your project and who you work with, but there is a general high-level design process. The construction phases are: Preparation, Demolition, Rough Work, Finishing Work, and Wrapping Things Up.
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