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Series 1 - Hiring a Contractor

Welcome to All Things Renovation! A podcast designed to help you take a confident role in your next renovation project. 


Have questions or frustrations about your renovation? We're happy to help - contact us.

In Episode 1, meet Brandy, aka the Boss Lady and Paul, aka the Wood Magician. Find out the paths they took to get into the home renovation business, as well as some of their favourite tools and most memorable jobs over the years. 
Brandy Kawulka
Paul Keller
Bamboo cabinets
Brandy Kawulka
Paul Keller
Deb & Steve's face frame traditional white kitchen
Bamboo cabinets with blue paint
wood be art kitchen
Victoria & Albert Vetralla Free-Standing Tub
Cherry cabinets with green backsplash tiles
Victoria & Albert Vetralla Free-Standing Tub
 In Episode 2, Brandy and Paul talk you through all the questions that you should be asking yourself when you are planning a renovation. Why do you want to do that particular renovation? Who will be making the decisions that are involved? Is there a time in your schedule that accommodates the disruption more easily? And what is your real budget? Many people don't know where to start, so let Brandy and Paul guide you through the thought process, and a worksheet is included below to help you get organized. 
In Episode 3, Brandy and Paul discuss the benefits of hiring a professional contractor instead of tackling the project yourself. Renovation shows on TV have inspired many people to believe their skill sets are far greater than they actually are, and this can lead to problems with insurance coverage, costly mistakes, impacts on your house's value, and safety concerns. The many benefits to hiring a team of professionals are worth the expense. 
 In Episode 4, Brandy takes you through the steps to hiring a contractor, and all the questions to ask in order to properly evaluate them and make the best choice for your project. How do you find a contractor in the first place? How do you short-list the ones that you like and what do you ask them when you meet them? And finally, what criteria should you use to evaluate them and the quotes that they provide? A worksheet has been included below that summarizes the points that she discusses during the episode. 
In Episode 5, Brandy takes you through a few more questions to ask your contractor that you may not have thought of or were too shy to bring up. She also discusses some points that you as the home owner need to keep in mind in order to manage your expectations of how the job will progress. This includes trash disposal, protecting your valuables, respecting the chain of command onsite, and resolving disagreements if they should arise. 
In Episode 6, Brandy and Paul answer some of the questions they receive most frequently, such as where they got their nicknames, and what design TV shows are most informative and closest to reality. Also, how to deal with site changes, and who buys the materials for a job? What does a contractor do and what don't they do? They also go over a list of what NOT to do when you are renovating. 
Handcarved Wood Map of the World
Hardcarved Wooden Map
of the World,
made by the Paul Keller,
The Wood Magician
good fast cheap triangle
Good and Fast Isn't Cheap
Fast and Cheap Isn't Good
Cheap and Good Isn't Fast
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